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Last year masters of tuning Parotech (France) have presented on public court snow-white Volkswagen Touareg which have been brought to perfection with refinement inherent in Frenchmen, and now for automotive fans the tuning studio has prepared a new crossover.
Parotech Uranium

CarĀ  is constructed on the basis of Mercedes ML, the truth to guess in a novelty familiar to much crossover very uneasy. The external tuning package which has changed design of model, includes the front “apron”, new front divided on some cells, lateral “gills” and new head optics. The modernised bumper with the integrated choke tube, other flashlights and system of an exhaust with two branch pipes have absolutely changed a car rear. An unusual kind huge light-alloy disks dimension give to the car of 24 inches.

Standard equipment Parotech Uranium includes the powerful stereo audio system Sony, four separate racing seats and an inner trim with use of elements from carbon.

Swiss tuning studio Mansory has developed the new tuning kit for last ruler of luxury off-road cars Porsche Cayenne.
Porsche Cayenne 95
Mansory has completely changed ex-terrier Cayenne: some of weather-cloth details especially are evident - new front bumper with huge cuts of air intakes, a silvery radiator enclosure and big splitter with the built in fog lights. On a rear of model the firm has installed new a bumper and exhaust pipes. Lateral “skirts” have allowed to increase width of the car almost by 40 mm.
“Is put” Cayenne in new cast aluminium wheels by dimension 10×22 and 11×23 the inches, specially developed Mansory to “hold” weight of the car together with new springs thanks to which the off-road car ground clearance is depressed on 35 mm. The car interior has got carbon furnish, aluminium pedals and a new upholstery of seats.
Porsche Cayenne 955 from Mansory it is already available in Europe.

Models Alfa Romeo GT and 156 have entered the market for a long time, therefore German tuning studio JMS has offered a package of upgrades which should freshen both cars. Judging by a photo, experts of studio have done work qualitatively.

The cars received the new modesty panel underestimated to 55 mm a ground clearance, lateral thresholds and a set of polished 19-inch wheels of JMS.
Alfa Romeo GT 156
The prices for a tuning package begins from $4000 - for Alfa Romeo 156 and from $2530 - for Alfa Romeo GT.

Mercedes CL - a toy rather not cheap, and many tuning studios believe, that time at the person is enough means for coupe purchase why it not to be spent yet for a small tuning package for the favorite.

Several days ago a tuning package for luxury car Mercedes CL600 has presented studio Kicherer, and now the variant of operational development of model Japanese masters VITT have shown.
Tuned Mercedes CL
Experts have tried to make the car of the Rising sun country exclusive and it was possible to them. In studio for model Mercedes CL with bores the external weather-cloth including a new front bumper, a cowl have been developed for the ventilation, two rear spoilers: on a luggage compartment and a roof, the modernised bumper with the integrated choke tube.

The car have equipped with sports system of an exhaust with four branch pipes and have put on light-alloy disks dimension of 21 inch. Package cost makes “only” $20 thousand, informs TopSpeed.

Tuning studio TechArt has updated the package of operational development Aerokit I for Porsche 911 Carrera 2009 modelling years.

Besides a new modesty panel, the package as a whole remained former, is only altered under headlights and tail lamps of the new form tuned 911 Carrera. All elements of a package, as always, have passed in TechArt a full cycle of tests in a wind tunnel. Experts of studio have added the chromeplated furnish for air intakes in a front bumper and have updated exterior mirrors which can be now or carbon, or chromeplated.
Tuning Porsche 911 Carrera
There are and still some changes about which it becomes known next month on car show in Essen where TechArt will present the variant new Porsche 911.

One more tuning studio - SKN - this time has paid attention to sport car Porsche 977.

The German studio has presented version Porsche 997 Biturbo, created on the basis of Porsche 997 Turbo. Tuning studio have prepared three variants of completion on a choice of the customer. At the first stage experts SKN reconsider a control package the engine and put a new sports air filter. After the given actions power of the motor increases to 500 h.p.
Porsche 997 Biturbo SKN
At the second stage to power-plant “herd” it is added 40 more h.p., and also power/weight to 2,94 kg the parity decreases for h.p. that allows the car to be accelerated with 0 to 100 km/hour for 3,2 seconds

The new exhaust system established at the third stage, 566 h.p. and 780 Nanometers of the motor give the chance Porsche 997 Biturbo to type 100 km/hour of all for 3,1 sec and to develop the maximum speed in 320 km/hour.

Among the largest German tuning studio, manufactory AC Schnitzer was until recently the unique company, and the operational development which have not presented own program for coupe-crossover BMW X6. Henceforth similar omission is eliminated - engineers AC Schnitzer have rolled out one of these days with own hand trimmed model X6. The novelty managed completely modified front bumper with the big vent holes, new thresholds and a rear bumper with the integrated choke tube and branch pipes of final system sticking out of it. Also exclusive X6 it is equipped by new 22-inch wheels.

Tuned BMW M6

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Masters from the German tuning studio AC Schnitzer specialising on completion of models of the Bavarian autoconcern, have published the first images restyling a 6-series coupe.

The new model after the predecessor has got a firm bumper with air intakes from AC Schnitzer and original fog lights that has made a front part of the car a little more aggressive. Behind “six” had new “skirts” and a spoiler with the built in stoplight. The car have put on light wheels dimension of 20-inches, and also have established the chromeplated exhaust system.
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There is, that a person, decided to tune up his own car, not absolutely represents, what exactly he wishes to make. In this small article I will try to throw light a little on the given question and, whenever possible easier to explain some moments, proceeding from own experience. With what to begin tuning? A sphere of action Read the rest of this entry »